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Distinction and Diversity in Higher Education
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22 October

Teaching teachers: what makes a great teacher?

I have numerous friends who have gone into teaching and what unites them is a belief their teacher education could have been better and should have made them more prepared. They say this whichever training route they took. So what …

13 October

Student engagement series: The student view on governance

Event review by Daniel Whitby – Student Union President of Marjon SU at the University of St Mark & St John  I recently attended a Leadership Foundation/NUS Conference on the role of student governors and about student engagement in university …

16 September

As the OECD highlights graduates lack basic skills, is it time to end the blame game?

It’s possible to be a graduate and not highly educated – that’s the apparent paradox coming out of the OECD’s report, Education at a Glance 2014. It finds, in England and Northern Ireland, only a quarter of university and college …

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29 August

Student engagement in smaller institutions

Alex Bols blog for The Student Engagement Partnership