The English HE Sector is rightly proud of its world class reputation including its commitment to widening access and participation, employer engagement and local and regional regeneration.

A crucial element in achieving these goals is the strength of partnership working and collaboration between Higher Education Institutes and Further Education Colleges.

Many of these partnerships have strong historical roots and are critical in facilitating participation in HE by under-represented and disadvantaged groups, and meeting the skills and knowledge needs of employers and employees.
However, the introduction of contested ‘quota’ funding is placing these partnerships under severe strain.

In November, after a joint communication with the Minister for Universities, Universities UK, GuildHE and the Association of Colleges organised a roundtable seminar with key Vice-Chancellors, Principals and the Association of Collaborative Providers to explore collaborative models in this new funding and market environment.
This Conference is one outcome of that roundtable – a broader and more representative Conference, to explore jointly common problems and issues and identify new models of collaboration that will work in a more market-orientated system.

Keynotes and Workshops will be led by Key leaders in the sector.

It needs some outcomes for the day:-
•    Develop partnership protocols
•    Agree strategies on widening participation including NSP
•    Agree strategy for developing progression pathways for Higher Skills
•    Share responses to NSS and DLHE


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