Please note this event is being run twice:  once in Manchester on 20 October 2016 and also in London on 2 November 2016. For full information, please visit

Higher education staff strive to remain as objective and as consistent as possible in their recruitment and admission of students. Unconscious bias is part of everyday life, but when subjective decisions are based on unconscious biases (those we are unaware we have), it can lead to unfair discrimination, interfere with identifying the best match and perpetuate barriers.

Featuring expert input from SPA, Equality Challenge Unit and HELOA, these staff development events will explore how HE providers can manage the risk of unconscious bias in student recruitment and admissions.

Participants will be introduced to the concept of unconscious bias, and will be encouraged to consider and reflect on how it may affect the applicant experience – from pre-application and application, to post-application and transition.

During afternoon workshops, participants will have the opportunity to explore how to identify, challenge and mitigate bias in themselves and others.

SPA will launch their online good practice toolkit module on unconscious bias at this event.

 Who should attend?

The events are open to all staff – from colleges and universities – involved in admissions, schools and college liaison, student recruitment, and transition.

As the events will approach unconscious bias through a student recruitment and admissions perspective, they will be suitable for staff who have had previous, more general unconscious bias training, though we specifically encourage colleagues who may not have had this opportunity to attend our events.

The cost to attend is £120 plus VAT per participant. For more information and to book, visit

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