The GuildHE CEO, Alice Hynes said “GuildHE is delighted to see such a success rate. This demonstrates the understanding that young people have of the need to secure for themselves a good educational achievement and extent of hard work they have put in to get this far.

Many GuildHE institutions have been especially successful in their track record of graduate employment as well as their retention rates. Students making choices about investing their futures can be confident that the higher education sector takes serious care about its investment in the student experience. One thing this diverse and distinctive set of GuildHE institutions have in common is a real commitment to their students and personal and professional transformation that can happen through the kind of higher education they offer.” 

She added “I know that some students may be having to rethink the career direction they were planning, as a consequence of their relative success in these examinations. They will find those answering the confirmation and clearing help lines understand their worries and are very well equipped to give them the supportive advice and guidance that will help them make a good decision about the range of choices they actually have. Taking a gap year is often a good option and the guidance from schools and colleges is critical on whether to retake or reorientate. What is guaranteed is that there is a fantastic range of courses now offered across the country’s higher education providers and many students find their way in to opportunities they simply had not realised were available.”

Alice Hynes also paid tribute to the excellent performance of UCAS and its staff in supporting the extraordinary volume of electronic processing which allows the confirmation and clearing system to work. “Year on year the speed and volume of the applications processes increase and GuildHE would like to acknowledge the importance of the service and its quality”