Commenting on the A and AS level results published today, GuildHE is impressed with the hard work from students this year – they clearly recognise that qualifications matter in the competition for careers.
The GuildHE Chair Professor Ruth Farwell said “All GuildHE members congratulate those who have succeeded in their A levels and other qualifications this summer. We are looking forward to welcoming those who will be embarking on their higher education at our institutions this year. We believe that our students are able to have confidence in the quality of the experience provided in our universities and colleges, and are pleased that they are choosing to study with us on this basis”.
The GuildHE CEO Alice Hynes said “It is important to celebrate the success of so many people now achieving results that mean they can go on to higher education. Record numbers are making that commitment to their future and taking that opportunity for personal transformation and pushing the boundaries of their knowledge and skills. We should not forget that these achievements also reflect the dedication of the teachers who have supported them in their aspirations.
We admit that it is a shame that the number of clearing places available at many GuildHE institutions will be less than in previous years but those with determination to succeed should not be discouraged. There are options if students “think flexibly” and the additional places released will help but different options of part-time study are available. People should also remember they could perhaps re-think their choices, given the very wide range of subjects now available and applying again next year – not all programmes start in September.”
Alice Hynes also highlighted the support and commitment of the staff working at UCAS, and the extraordinary volume of electronic processing they deliver. “They are highly skilled in supporting students at this demanding time and the web material on the UCAS site and on the web pages of higher education providers themselves will give welcome guidance and advice.
“Year on year the speed and volume of the applications processes increase and GuildHE would like to acknowledge the importance of the service and its quality, especially so as it is providing additional adjustment and electronic clearing services this summer.”
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 Professor Ruth Farwell
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