GuildHE Strategy to 2020

GuildHE is pleased to launch its new strategic plan: GuildHE Strategy to 2020.

GuildHE’s Strategy to 2020 highlights the five aims that inform our work. These are to:

  • Provide an excellent service for our members;
  • Work with our members to support an effective infrastructure for UK higher education;
  • Promote excellent student engagement, experience and outcomes as the heart of a quality HE sector;
  • Inform and influence UK higher education policy and practice;
  • Be an intelligent and flexible organisation.

Our overarching  priorities for 2018/19 are:

  • Influencing the outcomes of the Augar Post-18 Funding Review and subsequent Government response and 2019 Spending Review
  • Ongoing engagement with the operationalistaion of the OfS and UKRI, new regulatory landscape, designated quality and data bodies, and subject-level Teaching Excellence Framework
  • Engage with the Industrial Strategy, influence relevant research, knowledge exchange and skills funding discussions and facilitate member engagement including “place”, degree apprenticeships and promoting accelerated degrees
  • Supporting members in the lead-up to Brexit day and beyond
  • Support student wellbeing in member institutions through the launch of our research report
  • Supporting institutions on research and the development of REF2021
  • Showcase the importance of practitioner-led teaching and the importance within GuildHE institutions
  • Demonstrating the economic impact of the sports industry and its supporting education pipeline.
  • Showcasing the importance of a diverse higher education sector to a wider public and developing a regulatory landscape that is fit for this diverse sector
  • Develop our capacity to share knowledge and good practice in relation to widening participation and attainment

The full document can be downloaded GuildHE Strategy to 2020 (PDF). or previewed below: