Responding to the first consultation on the proposed Knowledge Exchange Framework, GuildHE has argued that the removal of the HEIF allocation threshold is essential to ensure that smaller institutions are not disqualified from funding.

GuildHE has also emphasised that the development of KEF metrics cannot be done in isolation from the broader knowledge exchange landscape.

We make five principal recommendations to be considered as the KEF is designed:

  • That the full diversity of the HE sector and different types of providers are considered.
  • That there is a broad definition of knowledge exchange to recognise the fullest range of interactions.
  • That qualitative information is needed to supplement existing data, particularly to report on social returns.
  • That any funding associated with KEF must not disqualify institutions based upon size and location. The HEIF allocation threshold must, therefore, be removed.
  • That a funding stream be developed to directly support small and specialist HEIs engaging in KE.

You can view our full response here. If you have any thoughts or comments, please contact Matthew Guest.