Today, GuildHE and Uniac have published a new report on UKVI visa compliance.

The report, which draws on research conducted with GuildHE member Institutions, finds that meeting visa compliance requirements is seen as a key strategic risk among smaller institutions, with nearly three quarters of respondents including the risks associated with immigration on their main corporate risk register.

International students make a huge contribution to UK higher education, bringing the best minds from around the world to study here, creating a diverse academic community as well as their financial impact. Yet the consequences of “getting it wrong” with even with one or two international student visas can be severe for smaller institutions.

The report’s key findings are discussed by Alex Bols of GuildHE, and Chris Taylor and Joe Johnson of Uniac in a new blog for Wonkhe. The Executive Summary of the report can be read here.

GuildHE members who would like to receive a copy of the full report should contact Jack Fleming, GuildHE Project Officer.