Gordon McKenzie, CEO has written a blog, ‘Removing the fuzzy edges from the TEF‘, for wonkhe, on the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework emphasising the clarity of purpose, co-design with the sector and need for recognition of multiple dimensions of excellence. This comes following the chancellor’s recent announcement in the Summer Budget about increasing the fee cap in line with inflation from 2017-18 “for institutions which can show they offer high-quality teaching” and the government’s impending plans for a Teaching Excellence Framework which is aimed at increasing teaching quality across HEIs in the UK.

To read the full blog post, click here.

GuildHE has also recently held a round-table discussion (8th July) on the framework for teaching excellence in order to identify some of the challenges and priorities that the anticipated TEF will have for GuildHE institutions. In addition to members there were several participants from both BIS and HEFCE to provide some insight on the future of quality assessment and teaching excellence.