Commenting on the funding decisions made by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, Gordon McKenzie, Chief Executive, GuildHE said: 

“Specialist Universities are highly valued by students and employers and this is a disappointing decision especially since ministers urged HEFCE to recognise their extra costs.

Institution specific funding has played a vital role supporting the additional costs of specialist higher education and enhancing student and employer choice.

HEFCE’s changes have created large shifts in funding and we are concerned about the potential impact on specialist universities, colleges and students. We urge HEFCE to monitor the changes carefully and provide transitional funding beyond the first year.

The UK has a world-class higher education sector, not least because of its diversity. Specialist universities, small institutions as well as the large research-intensive institutions all add to the rich tapestry of the sector.

Our recent report Excellence in Diversity showcases the benefits of a diverse sector and stresses the need for funding streams that match the range of strengths in different institutions.”