Ravensbourne, apprenticeships and industry.

Ravensbourne has been delivering apprenticeship training for BT’s network and software engineering apprentices since 2015. Apprenticeships fit neatly into the college’s vocational mission and endorse Ravensbourne’s approach to working closely with industry at all levels and ensuring that we provide graduates with the skills that the design, media and digital industries need.

However, the biggest issue is that however much the government are keen for employers to take on apprentices, not all of industry is familiar with the processes, procedures and responsibilities required for their business. So, recently Ravensbourne decided to approach this differently and ran an event for the broadcast industry to demystify the process and explain the benefits of apprenticeships, how the training works, the obligations for the employers and the high rate of success for apprentices and how they fulfil industry skills shortages and the benefits they provide to the employer and the workplace.

We found this to be a really successful initiative and would encourage other HEI’s who are looking to develop apprenticeship training to think about offering apprenticeship demystifying events to local employers in order to encourage them to consider taking on an apprentice for their business.


Marice Cumber, Work Based Learning Co-ordinator