Student & Engagement



“The provider actively engages students, individually and collectively, in the quality of their educational experience.” (QAA & UKSCQA, 2018)

The new Quality Code includes the Core Practice above that institutions engage students in the quality of their education experience. They will shortly be publishing Advice and Guidance on how institutions could meet this Core Practice which will include an updated section on student engagement looking at collective engagement such as student academic representation (course reps, school/faculty reps etc). The GuildHE report Making Student Engagement a Reality might be a useful introduction to student engagement.

Students can also be engaged in a whole series of wider activities in their time in higher education. GuildHE’s report on students as active citizens could provide a helpful overview. 


GuildHE Students’ Union Network

Student engagement is one of the key features of GuildHE members and is prioritised in our strategic plan.

GuildHE runs a network for students’ union officers and staff. It usually meets three or four times a year, including a joint meeting in September with the quality managers network.

The next meeting will be at the GuildHE Annual Conference in Abertay, Nov 20/21.

For more information contact: Jack Fleming


Useful Resources

QAA Quality Code: B5 Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP)

TSEP Benchmarking Tool for Student Academic Representation

RAISE (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) Network

Sparqs (Student participation in quality, Scotland)