The Government has today issued its grant letter to HEFCE providing information on the funding for the 2010/2011 academic year.

Professor Ruth Farwell, Chair of GuildHE and Vice-Chancellor of Bucks New University, commented, “The continued restriction of additional student numbers will make the competition for places even more intense this year. GuildHE members have already been strategically reviewing their portfolios to deal with the constraints ahead and maintain their sustainability and delivery to their students. Today’s announcement drives home the need to plan ahead for hard times. We wait to see the practical implications for institutions of these significant cuts.”

Alice Hynes, GuildHE CEO, said, “We appreciate the intense negotiations that are necessary this year due to the continued pressure resulting from the cost of student support as a consequence of the sector’s successful expansion. It is critical to recognise that these graduates will be the generation who pull us out of the financial difficulty that presently surrounds us. This will still mean, however, that there will be many young voters who have been encouraged to try for higher education but who will miss out.”
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