A Higher Education Policy Institute report published today argues that degree comparability is “neither feasible nor desirable” recognising the diversity of the sector and the breadth of higher education subject provision.

Alice Hynes, Chief Executive Officer, GuildHE said:

“We welcome the HEPI report as a serious and considered contribution to the debate. We would also highlight the conclusion in the report that “the UK almost certainly gives more systematic attention to academic qualifications and standards than any other comparable system” (para 7).

“We argue that diversity of the HE system – allowing for differences between institutions, between subject areas of study, between students and between modes of study – is critical in underpinning the richness and robustness of HE in the UK. We would also declare that students can be confident that threshold standards will be maintained here wherever they choose to study. GuildHE is working hard with other partners on a range of initiatives – including the development of the quality assurance system for 2011-2012 onwards, arrangements of external examining and information for potential students – to ensure that this continues to be the case.”

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Alice Hynes, GuildHE Chief Executive
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Notes to editors

1. The full report  – Comparability of degree standards – prepared by  Roger Brown is available on the Higher Education Policy Institute – HEPI website   www.hepi.ac.uk

2. The Higher Education Policy Institute is an independent think tank devoted exclusively to higher education. Founded in 2002, HEPI has built up a strong reputation for robust and objective policy analysis and advice across a whole range of higher education issues.  Its mission is to improve higher education in the UK by creating a better informed policy environment – informed by research and analysis, as well as drawing on experiences from other countries.

3. GuildHE is a recognised representative organisation within the higher education sector.

4. GuildHE members, lead institutions which emphasise a strong focus on teaching alongside research, are among the most dynamic and fastest-growing institutions in higher education.  For a list of GuildHE institutions, please visit: https://www.guildhe.ac.uk/en/members-list/