Following on the back of the positive reception of the sector to Excellence in Diversity, GuildHE is pleased to launch the new Excellence in Diversity microsite.

The report, Excellence in Diversity, written by Prof Paul Kleiman of Ciel Associates for GuildHE, highlights the outstanding contribution of the UK’s smaller universities, and regionally focused and specialist institutions to the nation’s economic, social and cultural prosperity. The microsite will ensure this crucial message is spread further and made more readily accessible. To do this, the microsite is split into four areas:

  • Recommendations: Drawing from the recommendations of the report, this aspect of the microsite brings them to life in a series of clickable graphics, each with a clear message, that allow you to proceed to the relevant sections of the report.
  • Key Messages: Featuring clear, concise and shareable infographics, these separate pages highlight the contribution of smaller, specialist and regionally focused institutions to UK HE in the following areas: Strength in Diversity, Extending Opportunity and Talent, Understanding Employers, Research Impact, International Competitiveness & The Student Experience.
  • At a Glance: This page allows for easier online navigation of Excellence in Diversity by splitting the report into separate chapters which can be navigated with ease.
  • Case Studies: Watch this space for shareable infographics that detail the ‘ecosystems’ that smaller, specialist and regionally focused institutions operate within and contribute to.

The full report and Executive Summary are available to download here and here, respectively.