GuildHE has today launched a new report, exploring the value of practice-informed learning models in higher education.

The report, entitled Practice-Informed Learning: The Rise of the Dual Professional, draws on the experiences of GuildHE member institutions to delve into the ways in which practice-based teaching and learning can benefit students, practitioners and wider society alike.

In particular, the report highlights the value of “practitioner-teachers”, that dual professionals who, alongside teaching work, maintain their professional practice or industry activity.

Writing for Wonkhe, Professor Joy Carter (Vice Chancellor, The University of Winchester and outgoing GuildHE Chair), and Dr David Llewellyn (Vice Chancellor, Harper Adams University and incoming GuildHE Chair) said:

Practitioner-teachers often fly under the radar of national policy makers and yet can significantly enhance students’ work-readiness through their use of real-world examples, access to their networks and their emphasis on skills for the workplace.

GuildHE has long been associated with institutions closely aligned to industry and the professions. As such, we recognise that improved employment opportunities are a key factor in student choice. We hope this new report will go some way towards enhancing the position of practice-informed teaching and learning.

The full report can be read here.

If you would like to learn more about Practice-Informed Learning, GuildHE and Advance HE will be holding a joint symposium exploring these issues in more depth on 20 March. For more information, visit: