We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between UKRI, Cancer Research UK and GuildHE, to explore what indicators of research integrity exist, or could be proposed, that are valid, reliable, ethical and practical, and to open a national and international discussion on next steps. We see this area as a growing policy priority, and this project will inform the work of the recently-established UK Committee on Research Integrity.

GuildHE will engage a broad spectrum of our member institutions and colleagues with experience of research in smaller and specialist higher education settings in this project. As a partner we have a role in the work to advocate for perspectives from disciplines outside of STEM and those which have to date dominated discussions and guidance around research integrity. The collaboration has emerged as a direct result of our recent admission to the Research Integrity Signatories Group.

Research Consulting has been commissioned to deliver an initial review of the landscape between November 2021 and April 2022, seeking to build a robust foundation for the project funders to discuss with their respective communities. This will be achieved by undertaking a scoping review, expert interviews and an international workshop, with the overall objective of summarising existing evidence on the current and potential use of indicators for research integrity and proposing next steps as a basis for further engagement across the research community.

Further information can be found on the GuildHE Research website, or contact Rachel Persad, Policy Manager (Research & Innovation).